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Meet Jennyfer Almanzar

Jenny is a progressive organizer and first-generation Latina who’s running for District leader in AD 72 part B. Raised on Post Ave by a single mother from the Dominican Republic, Jenny learned from a young age the importance of hard work and perseverance. Her mother worked long hours to provide for the family and instilled in Jenny the values of community, empathy, and social justice.

Jenny’s passion for community organizing began in college, where she volunteered for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ historic 2018 victory. Jenny quickly became passionate about connecting with people at a local level and continued volunteering for grassroots campaigns after college. In 2021 she became a full-time organizer for Our Revolution and has been involved in gubernatorial races, congressional races, and fighting for progressive causes such as the New York Health Act (universal single-payer healthcare) and One Fair Wage (ending the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers).

In addition to being a full-time organizer for Our Revolution, Jenny is a part-time bartender and co-founder and CEO of ChargePal, a system of portable smartphone chargers. Jenny knows firsthand the difficulties of starting a successful business as a Latina woman and she is passionate about expanding business opportunities for women and people of color. 

As your District Leader, Jenny will fight every day to ensure that the Democratic party represents our values. Jenny understands the struggles that working people in New York face and she believes that the government should play an active role in creating a more fair and just society.

Dear Neighbor,

I am a political organizer, as well as a tech startup founder. I previously organized for NYPAN and Our Revolution, and now for One Fair Wage. I was raised in Uptown Manhattan, on Post Avenue, in Inwood. Growing up with a single mother from the Dominican Republic, I was aware from an early age how local elections make a difference in the every day lives of everyone in our neighborhood.

I became passionate about politics during my junior year of college when I volunteered for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 2018 campaign. I got to see first hand what a grassroots movement means: using self-organization tools and bringing the community together. Before then, I would have never imagined I’d be organizing full-time.

I have spent the last year organizing grassroots political campaigns from petitioning to get grassroots candidates on the ballot to helping strategize to win campaigns. I have also been organizing to help pass the NYHA, One Fair Wage and Good Cause Eviction Bill, Tax the Rich.

I would be honored to represent you as District Leader.

In Solidarity - Your Neighbor,

Jennyfer Almanzar



Senator Robert Jackson, Johanna Garcia, Uptown Community Democrats, New York Progressive Action Network & Our Revolution, Inwood Indivisible.

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